The Corinth-Alcorn Animal Shelter is a no kill, nonprofit animal shelter on a mission to save the abused, neglected, abandoned and injured animals in Corinth and Alcorn County, Mississippi.

Founded in 2011 and funded by private donations, the City of Corinth, the City of Farmington and the Alcorn County Board of Supervisors, the shelter is managed by community leaders, volunteers and a dedicated staff.

The shelter’s funding from Corinth, Farmington and Alcorn County is used for payroll, utilities and some maintenance, while personal donations go directly to care for the animals, vet costs, supplies and food. Sunshine Mills in Tupelo, Mississippi also donates around 1,500 pounds of dog food to the shelter each week.

The only animal shelter in a six county area of North Mississippi and West Tennessee, the Corinth-Alcorn Animal Shelter is a private, non-profit organization. We are able to pursue our mission with support through private donations from individuals and businesses, grants from foundations and trusts, and various fundraising events. We are classified by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) organization for tax purposes and all donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Our Vision is to end the needless killing of homeless pets and help control pet overpopulation in our community. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. Because we know it can be done. And because we believe that every pet is an important life.

Pets lives are important to us, however due to space issues the Corinth-Alcorn Animal Shelter is a limited-intake facility. We are not an open admissions shelter – we must turn away animals. The shelter is almost always overburdened and usually full. We have a serious pet overpopulation problem in the north Mississippi and west Tennessee area, and there are many, many dogs and cats in need.

Because of contracts, the shelter must receive all animals captured by City of Corinth animal control, Alcorn County Board of Supervisors and City of Farmington animal control.

The shelter can not intake all animals from the public due to space and contractual agreements.

The shelter focuses on critically injured and abused dogs and cats, and we never euthanize for time or space. Unfortunately, we can’t take every animal, and we can’t even accept every injured animal because the need in our area is so great.

In late summer 2017, the Corinth-Alcorn Animal Shelter partnered with the Alcorn County Board of Supervisors to launch ACSpay, a new program to provide low-cost spaying for female dogs owned by low-income families in Corinth and Alcorn County, Mississippi who may not be able to afford it at regular cost. The cost of $25 will include the procedure and a rabies vaccination. Click here to learn more about ACSpay.

The shelter also hosts a catch-and-release program for feral cats in Corinth and Alcorn County, Mississippi. The shelter picks up feral animals, brings them to the shelter, has the animals spayed or neutered and then releases them back into the community. The program has made a great impact on the local kitten population.

What Does “NO KILL” mean?
No Kill does not mean No Euthanasia. Euthanasia is Greek for “good death.” A good death is when a pet is euthanized to alleviate suffering. It is something that is done out of love for the pet. A good death is also possible if a pet is too dangerous to be adopted and there is not a safe home for the pet.

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