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Report Animal Cruelty

To report animal cruelty, please contact one of the following:

  • City of Corinth – Corinth Street Department – Animal Control Officer – (662) 286-8144
  • City of Farmington – Farmington Town Hall – Animal Control Officer – (662) 665-9647
  • Alcorn County – Alcorn County Sheriff’s Office – (662) 286-5521

The Corinth-Alcorn Animal Shelter can advise on Corinth and Alcorn County animal cruelty cases. To address a local animal cruelty issue, contact the shelter at (662) 284-5800. Click here to see local and state animal cruelty laws.

Question: If a dog comes into my yard and gets in a fight with my dog, who is responsible for the other dogs vet bills?

Answer: The owner of the dog that committed the trespass would be responsible for all vet bills and property damage.

Question: If my Pit Bull is picked up by Animal Control in Corinth, what is the process of getting my baby back?

Answer: If you live in the city limits ,your residence must be inspected by animal control to insure you are in compliance with the laws which are:

1) You must have a 10×10 covered shelter that is secured 2 feet deep in the ground.

2) You must have a dog house suitable for the size of the dog, food and water bowls.

3) You must sign an annual vicious animal registration.

4) You must secure liability insurance for your dog of at least $25,000.00.

All animals require a valid rabies vaccination of either 1 year or 3 years.thanks for your question.


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