Are looking for a place to surrender your pet?

Have you found a dog or cat or had one “dropped” on your property?


Due to space issues, the Corinth-Alcorn Animal Shelter is a limited-intake facility. The shelter is almost always overburdened and usually full. We have a serious pet overpopulation problem in the north Mississippi and west Tennessee area, and there are many, many dogs and cats in need.

Because of contracts, the shelter must receive all animals captured by City of Corinth animal control, Alcorn County Board of Supervisors and City of Farmington animal control.

The shelter can not intake all animals from the public due to space and contractual agreements.

The shelter focuses on critically injured and abused dogs and cats, and we never euthanize for time or space. Unfortunately, we can’t take every animal, and we can’t even accept every injured animal because the need in our area is so great.

If you have a dog or cat you believe fits our intake criteria, please contact the shelter at 662-287-5800 to schedule a intake appointment. Sometimes intake appointments are scheduled several weeks out due to space issues. Some individuals are also asked to be added to a “wait list.” When we can accept a dog or cat for intake into the shelter, a intake fee of $15 will be charged.


If you want to request that we investigate an animal who is not being cared for, click here.

If you have found an animal that you’re looking to surrender, click here.