What we want for every animal in our care is a happy fur-ever home where they’ll be loved and cherished. So we love getting updates from our adopters about how great our former residents lives are now. Fill out the form below to tell us about your Corinth-Alcorn Animal Shelter Adoption Success Story. Scroll further down the page for Pet Tails.

Over the past year we’ve lost four pets – three cats and one dog.
They were all older and had been with us for many years. They were also all rescues.
We adopted most of them, but some of them adopted us. We loved all of them and they loved us.
Needless to say, the year has been sad for us. After our last pet died we vowed not to get any more pets. However, we were grieving and wanted a cat in our lives again.
So I drove to the Corinth-Alcorn Animal Shelter and began my search.
I was met by a volunteer. I told her I was looking for a very affectionate male cat. She smiled and brought me to a little nine-month-old gray tabby named Leonard.
When she took him from the cage he’d lived in for the past six months, he cuddled up to her neck. When I took him from her arms, he let me hold him and put his little paws on my face and looked me straight in my eyes. We both knew it was right.
Leonard came home with me that day.
It took about three day for him to realize that he didn’t live in a cage anymore. Now, he’s king of his castle.
There are, unfortunately, lots more “fur-babies” at the shelter and they need a good home, too.
If you can find a spot in your heat and your home for a dog or cat, then the Corinth-Alcorn Animal Shelter is your destination.
Good luck with your search.

Pat Mark

My little Lulu got her doggie wings today (August. 6, 2017).
I adopted Lulu from your shelter in 2008.
I can’t recall the name you guys gave her but she was my little Lulu. Lulu was the best thing that ever happened to me, she gave me and my family so much joy. Thank you for giving our family the opportunity to have this precious little girl in our lives.

Kimberly Burney (Jordan)

Amy has been adopted and she is doing great says her new family, The Warners.

Name: Selina

Pet Name: Toodles (“Toot”)

Date adopted from CAAS: 12/2015

Your Pet Tail: We fell in love with Toodles at the shelter, but he had a mild respiratory infection that was noticed at check out. We promised to get him the very best vet care & to shower him with love the rest of his life. He now lives the healthiest life of luxury & is my fav kitty (shhh…don’t tell his 7 brothers/sister)!

The black dog is Blue, and we adopted her from CAAS in 2004 (her name was Socks). She is now 15 and has been a wonderful, loving pet. We adopted her brother Finn (far back) from ARF in Jackson last year, and her sister Layla from Meridian in 2012. Rescue dogs make the best pets! Thank you for what you do! Cindy Long Hampton and Rusty Hampton

This is our Toot! – Selina Armand Holley
(“Livie”) adopted on 5/6/2005
Is my best buddy. – Pat Loboda Olivia
I adopted my cat Tiny about 3 yrs ago at ACS….I love him sooo much. – Carol Partain Barrier

Name: Crisann Nine

Pet Name: Angel

Date adopted from CAAS: June 2015

Your Pet Tail: Angel came to us on AllPaws transport after having been in Corinth.
She was a bitty thing at 8months old. Lab mix. She had big shoes to fill as we had lost our beloved Sadie, black Labrador retriever, the previous winter after a battle with cancer she left us too soon at 8yo.
Angel settled in and must have slept 2 full days before we really got to know her.
Over the past 2 years in our home, she has become an important member of the family and couldn’t be any sweeter.
My 10yo son was diagnosed with Type1 diabetes on New Years, what a start to 2017 and Angel has been by his side.
She is our camping dog, our inside by the fireplace and our swimming in the pool dog. She is our everything.

Name: April Jones

Pet Name: Penny

Date adopted from CAAS: July 2017

Your Pet Tail: I lost my beloved lab, Bella, after 8 years, ths past June. I wanted to soothe my sadness, so I decided to rescue a dog.
Penny and I hit it off right away when I walked her around, and she was almost the size of Bella.
My Penny was previously named Princess. She is a sweet little princess, but we renamed her, because she’s copper brown, like a penny. We made friends instantly, but she’s a little skittish with other people, mostly men. I’m afraid she wasn’t treated well as a puppy, which makes me sad. Anyway, she gets lots of lovin’ at our home, and has plenty of land and woods to explore. We now have three sweet and happy dogs, but she’s become my favorite. ❤